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Best 5 Demo Trading Account In India | Paper Trading


Today we will discuss Indian Demo Trading.
Demo trading is a very common name in the Indian Stock Market And highly effective.

Another common name for demo trading is Paper Trading.

Learn how to trade without using your actual money. This article explains why you should practice trading in virtual or simulation trading platforms, how to do Paper trading & the best paper trading platform which you can use.


What is Paper Trading

We try to understand whether it is paper trading or demo trading through an example.
Before investing in a business you need to know the details of that business.
Suppose you have learned to work on how to cultivate fish, and now you want to cultivate fish yourself.

In that case, the first and foremost thing is to start a fish business for very little money.
You need to see how successful you are in the work you have learned in theory.

Because if you invest the whole money directly in the fish business without being practical and for some reason something goes wrong, you will run out of money.

In any business, both theory and practical must be learned to work with equal importance.
And this rule is 100% applicable in the stock market business.

There are many stockbroker agents around us who open trading and Demat accounts with various temptations.

And if you invest your savings in the stock market without any judgment, that is, if you do nothing theoretical or practical, then your losses are inevitable.

So first of all you have to learn the functions of the stock market such as Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, candle pattern, indicators, etc.

Then you have to practice.

So today we have brought to you some platforms where you can practice and trade stocks without investing any money, you can see how much profit has been made, how much has been lost, how much has been earned.
This type of platform is used for demo trading.
This type of demo trading platform is very useful if you want to learn and practice working in the stock market.

Advantages Of Indian Demo Trading

  •  Here you do not have to invest any money. Because it is Practice Purpose.
  • Just opening a demo account will get you two lakh to five lakh rupees in your wallet, in fact, this money is virtual money. You can’t withdraw with this money.  Virtual money Only for trade.
  • On this platform, you will get the target, stop loss, and alert system.
  • You can also specify which strategy you have used when buying or selling shares for your
  • You can trade multiple shares and shares of different companies together.
  • Moreover, you can do intraday trading and delivery trading.
  • You will get options for future trading and options trading.
  • There Will Mention your success and failure ratio of Trading. That means how many times you have gained and how many times you have lost, what percentage of everything you will get calculated.

Paper trading in this way will help you understand how skilled you are in trading the stock market.

That means practice is very important.


Best Demo Trading Platform Provider

Now the question is, are there any websites or companies that are giving you a platform for demo trading? Demo Trading Account In India



One of the Best Demo Trading Platform Providers is Moneybhai. Moneybhai is an investing simulation game.
Here you can Get Upto 1 Crore Virtual Money.
You can use this money on Stock Trading, Mutual Fund, Fixed deposits.



First, you need to register on all these websites.
Registration has a name, email id, there are other boxes, look at them well and fill them





TrakInvest is another investing simulation game. Here Multi Exchange Trading you will do here. Easy to Use & easy to Learn. Here Advance Facility is Available. Demo Trading Account In India.

Dalal Street 

Dalal Street is one of the Most Popular Indian Demo Trading platforms. 



Dalal Street

Below mentioned another Demo Trading Platform. They are work in the same Process. You can check one by one and select your best Platform.

Chart Mantra
Money pot
Market Watch

Some Important Articles


Last Word

I hope you like my article “Best 5 Demo Trading Account In India | Paper Trading” your knowledge has increased a lot. If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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