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Best 7 Way To Learn Stock Market In India: Beginners Free Online Course

Hello, Friends today our topic is the Best 7 Way To Learn Stock Market In India: Beginners Free Online Course.  Mainly we explaining Stock market analysis for beginners.

1st question is What is Stock Market Analysis? 

Those who have been working in the stock market for a long time have realized in so many days that in order to truly make money in the stock market, you need to know what to look for. Because 90% of those who have invested money in the stock market without any experience have lost. This is why many people call the stock market gambling.

                        Today I want to inform you through this article that the stock market is not a form of gambling. It is a smart business where you can use your experience and intelligence to earn unlimited money in a very short time. If you do not know the proper way to work in the stock market, then the loss is inevitable.

 Let’s get to the basics, the main way to earn money from the stock market.


Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Best Way to Learn Stock Market in India
  3. Types of stock market Analysis
  4. Stock Market Technical Analysis
  5. Types of Indicators
  6. Top-rated Technical strategies
  7. Indian Stock market analysis tools
  8. Fundamental Analysis
  9. Sentimental Analysis
  10. Virtual Trading Websites
  11. Best 5 Stock Market YouTube channel
  12. Indian Stock Market Analysis Websites
  13. Stock Market Analysis Course
  14. Best Trading Software in India
  15. My Words

 Types of stock market Analysis

Mainly 3 types of Analysis are available on the Equity Stock Market.

That is –


To learn how to work in the stock market, you need to do these three types of analysis.  First of all, there is technical analysis.

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Stock Market Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the most important part of the Stock Market. Without Technical analysis – Stock Market is nothing. It’s mainly depended on the technical charts, Candles, Indicators, oscillators, etc.

   You will get a technical chart on the broker platform that you have opened the included account of, but keep in mind that the technical chat of all broker companies is not so high quality, so open an account with a good broker company, where the technical chart is high quality, we You can open Demat and Trading Account to us if you want to be associated with high-quality Broker Company Upstox. Here Account opening is free.

Below I have given a free Demat & Trading Account opening link on Upstox

Open Free Demat Account


If you want to know details Information & facilities of Upstox, Click me.



Technical Analysis has different types of indicators such as leading and lagging indicators, technical tools.


Indicators are some of the tools that help us to give an accurate idea of the situation of a stock such as whether the stock will go up or down or how much it can go down or how much the price can go up.

If I give a small example of a street cross light. Contains three signals. The red signal tells you to stop, the yellow signal tells you to be ready, and the green signal allows you to move on.

 Similarly, these technical indicators give a signal that the stock will go up or down.

You will get around 80+ indicators on any good trading platform.

 However, not all indicators are usable. Today I will name some of these indicators and discuss how they work. It will help you to be a successful trader or be 100% successful. I would also like to point out that there are some indicators that I have discussed in detail.

 I have provided links to all those articles. If you want, you can click the below link to get a better understanding of All Indicators.

Best Indicators

Indian Stock Market Analysis Tools

Stock market analysis tools meaning technical indicators & Candlesticks.

Various types of Charts like Heikin Ashi (5 Star rating), Histogram, Kagi, Bar, etc are available. And also you will learn different types of patterns like Rectangle, Triangle, Cup Pattern, Flag pattern ETC. Candle types are very important because a particular candle gives a particular Indication.

Below I have an attached PDF file of Candlesticks.


With all these technical tools and indicators we can analyze any stock.

Through this technical analysis, we can choose when to buy the shares of a company at what price, whether it is a good or bad stock.

 Top-rated Technical strategies

More than 50+ strategies are available on market, don’t worry I will give a detailed explanation of every strategy.

There are many indicators in Technical Analysis. I’ve made separate videos on each indicator to help you understand.

Text & Videos both are Available.

Below I have give links of Top 5 strategies.

You can read carefully all of these posts.


Fundamental Analysis

The second analysis is fundamental analysis.

 This analysis is very easy to do, especially for those who have studied commerce.

What is the fundamental analysis?

 Fundamental is the internal and external information of a company such as the annual income of the company

Like Company franchise, the source of income of the company. The number of employees in the company. The product or service produced by the company and its needs.

 If the company has taken a loan from a bank i.e. company loan etc., there are many more things that fall under the fundamental analysis.

  • Yearly and quarterly major league salary.
  • Low Depth or obligation free organization
  • The development of the organization
  • Branches of organization
  • Pay wellsprings of the organization with the real world
  • NPA of organization
  • Future business net chance
  • Pe Ratio Etc

All of the points are linked with Fundamental Analysis.

 When I buy shares of a company, I will definitely look at all this information about this company. If it seems that the company will earn more in the future and if the company’s background is very strong.

Then surely I will buy shares of this company for investment. Such shares have the potential to make you four times five times more money in a few years.

 Therefore, it is very important to do fundamental analysis.

  I have left the complete information on how to do fundamental analysis on my YouTube and you can watch the video by clicking the link given below.

More Info of Fundamental Analysis.

Sentimental Analysis

You must have heard the word sentiment. The sentiment means tendency or feeling.

 Every day there are some incidents in the country such as election results, government budget, or any major natural calamity like the coronavirus that came a few months ago.

 Meeting results reports of big companies are published every week. The stock market is affected, so when I buy a stock, it is important to see if there is a big event in the market or if there is a big announcement that day about the stock I am buying.

 Because the effects of these events can make you gain or lose.

The point is, if you want to make money from the stock market, you need to learn and test all of these analyzes.

 There are many indicators in Technical Analysis. I’ve made separate videos on each indicator to help you understand.

You also need to keep in mind two or three other things that are involved in the analysis. Along with such a theory, you need to be practical

 You know the subject well from our blog and YouTube and it should be merged with the technical chat.

These 3  best Ways to Learn Stock Market in India.

Virtual Trading Websites

There are some free sites where you can practice just by opening an account and you will be given some virtual money in the wallet of that account you can practice as much as you want.

 Names of some virtual trading websites

That is the Best Way to Learn Stock Market in India

Best 5 Stock Market YouTube channel

Along with this, I would also like to share with you the names of some YouTube channels from where you can get important information about the stock market that will help you learn to work.

Top YouTube channels

Indian Stock Market Analysis Websites

Above I have explained how you can get genuine free Intraday Tips.

If you want Intraday trading stocks, you can check popular sites & also use the scanner.

Chartink  –

Top stock candlestick-patters research –

Trading tuitions –

Nse India –


Stock Market Analysis Course

If you want to know how you can use these websites & get free intraday tips, then click the below links. I have explained briefly.

Stock Market Analysis Course

Of course, we have two groups of our own,

Trading group
Learning Group

The trading group as we provide intraday & swing calls to our members every day. At the same time, we say the Reason why that particular share has been recommended to you. We have used no strategy.

Apart from that, if there is any important news in the market and if there is a news result meeting of a certain stock, you will get the news through this group.

The stock market is constantly coming up with new strategies. We present all those strategies to our members through this group. Trading group, You will get this kind of opportunity.


Now come to the learning group. In this group, we teach work from basic to advanced level. That is, those who are brand new or who have no experience in the stock market. They are taught to work in this group. After teaching the basic work, they are taught the work of Technical Analysis; in the third step, they are taught the work of Fundamental Analysis.

Lastly, the practical shares are traded with the members.

When a member completes all the courses in the learning group, he or she is transferred to the trading group. We hope you find out more about these two groups.

If you want to work with us then click on the link below.


Best Trading Software in India

Now In modern times, traders are using some Stock Market analysis software, this software made by lots of technical tools & Indicators.

 This software provides Buy & sell signals (auto-generate) in the live market.

Those who don’t want to worry too much about technical analysis, or can’t devote much time to learning the job.

They can use the software if they want.

Whenever you get Buy Signal in the software, buy. Sell when you get a sell signal.

There are many companies that sell this type of software,

Get 2 to 3 thousand monthly. If you take it together for one year, you will get between 12 and 15 thousand.

There is some software which cost Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000.

However, I do not use the software myself. I like to do the analysis myself.

 If you want to use the Best Trading Software then I give you the names of some high-quality software below. You can buy and use the software if you want.

MetaStock –

TrendSpider –

NinjaTrader –

TradingView –

However, I am not responsible for any kind of profit or loss; you can take the software after complete verification.

Free Software

However, for those who do not have the money to buy software, there is free software.

To get free software, you have to open a Demat account by clicking on the link given below. After opening the account, you will get free Stock market Technical analysis software.

With the opening of a Demat account, you get many more benefits. Click on the link below for details.

Open Free Demat Account


My Words

Wherever there is a Business, it requires attention and respect. If you learn this Business well, you can become a good businessman and the stock market will completely positively affect your lifestyle.

I hope you like my article Best 7 Way To Learn Stock Market In India: Beginners Free Online Course will increase knowledge a lot.

If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box, I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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