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Advisory Service​

Benefits of Advisory Service​

1. Clients will receive 2-3 Calls in a Day through Advisory Services. (cash Segment)

2. 85 to 95% Success Ratio will be provided.

3. Get calls on a mobile during Market hours.

4. Most calls are from Nifty 50 & 100 companies.

5. Calls will be provided via Telegram & WhatsApp.

6. Calls depend on market trends.

7. Recommendations are based on a technical and fundamental basis.

8. Profit Ratio: 2% to 3%.

9. Secure News base BTST Call, Positional call, Delivery Call 5 to 10 Call-In Month.



We Provide Stock Recommendations Based On Technical And Fundamental Research.

A. Global Market News

 We send global and domestic stock market news via SMS to traders.


B. Personalized Support

Our highly qualified the team provides you support during market hours.


C. High-Quality Research

Our research analyst the team provides real-time buy, sell stock market tips to you.


D. Stock Price Alerts

We update you with proper follow up by SMS for share price target achievement.



Important Rules

Hello Guys, Some Important Rules of Stock Market & our Advisory Service.

1. Stop loss is a Very Important Part of the Stock Market. Lots of Traders lose their Hard Money because they have Ignore Stop loss. 

2.  Risk Ratio of Stop loss minimum 1:2 Maximum 1:3 

3.  Money Management is the Most Important Part of the Stock Market, Remember Don’t Investment your Total Money on Single Stock, Always Choose the Best Sector & Best time & Best Price. Divide your Main Balance at least 3-4 Part, And also invest Different stocks, If one stock SL hit, another stock will be gain, If your analysis perfect, then you will be a win.

4.  One Golden rules Always Buy on Support & Sell on Resistance. 

5.  My personally recommended if you want to save your money, then choose Stock from Nifty 50 & derivatives stocks. 

6.  Intraday Trading is high Risky, so If possible Ignore Intraday & trade on Swing Trading.          

7.  Don’t follow TV News calls or Tips, & also don’t trade on my tips, Learn Technical Analysis & Find Your Best stock. 

8.  Only use your Extra Money or Savings Money, Don’t Invest your hard money in this market. 

9.  And Seriously one last line “Learn Market & Earn Money

10. Learn from your losses as well as profits, Keep Notes of What went good & what went bad in your trading. 

11. Always Trade with Market Trend. Keep Daily Targets of Profits as well as Losses.

12. Overcome your Greed as well as fear, both are dangerous.

13.  Don’t over trade more than your capital. 

14.  Accept Intraday Trading Losses Gracefully and write down what went wrong so that you can avoid loss next time.

15.  Keep Emotions Aside, Trade with your brains not with your heart.


799 350/ Monthly

  • Intraday & Positional calls
  • Stock News Updates
  • 24 hours Support
  • Every Weekly free Training

Risk Disclosure of Advisory Services:-


Investment in securities is subject to market risk.

There is no assurance or guarantee that the product mentioned on the website will be achieved.


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