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About Us

I Am Sharing With You 3 Different Online Ways That Give You Advance Knowledge Which Helps You To Make a Lifetime Income.


Let me introduce myself quickly, 

I’m Bapi Sasmal

The Trader, Investor, Stock Market Analyst & Trainer, and Digital Market Analyst & Trainer.

I’m from West Bengal (India) and my passion  is Trading  & give Training Technical Analysis to New trader  and also online Marketing like Cyber care, Blogging

Currently, I’m running my YouTube Channel & website, mobile Application, Online & offline training class & Whatsapp & Telegram group and earning a decent amount of money from that. Every Client every student, every member knows About Us details through this website.

About Us
About Us


Let talks about this Trading

I started this Trading to helps every newbie Trader to succeed in Trading & Investing  that why I name this blog, “Nifty Bazar.

Want to know more about this blog?

Yes, Of course! Let me explain my Trading Journey and how it help’s you, and then I will tell you my story.

In today’s world of digital marketing there are so many types it’s hard to say. And these tasks are completely independent you don’t have to depend on anyone else. And depending on the quality of your work, your income will continue to grow. I will try to briefly discuss those tasks with you today.

It is very important to have a fairly high school pass and have a basic idea about computers

Build website.

Nowadays, starting from small schools, tuition or big businessmen want to open a website in their own name. The cost of building such a website is around 2000 – 2500 rupees. And you can easily take 10 to 15 thousand rupees to build a website.

2nd is the work of Cybercafe

The work that you are skilled in, such as drawing, video editing, any kind of technical work, any kind of handicrafts, if you know, you will not be short of work.

There are several websites where if you submit your biodata you will get the job done on a regular basis. The biggest advantage is that you can do these things at home. If you don’t know what a good job is, there are ways to do it.

The third is the stock market.

Everyone has fear and curiosity about the stock market. I want to make it clear to you that the stock market is a smart business, there is endless money, there is no end to the seawater, there is no end to the money in the stock market. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. 

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The fourth is the YouTube channel.

There are no young people left who don’t watch YouTube these days. And you all know that money can be earned from YouTube. But it is very important to know how, how much money, how long it will take, what it will take. These four methods are completely legal. And from here you can earn money all your life permanently and completely independently. How much income you can make is up to you. There are a number of other ways to write that will make the text much larger. There are many apps out there that will ask you, like AdGuru, install apps, play games, refer points. Join the members.

Never get into this type of business

I want to make it clear to you that we have a team or group where work is taught mainly in the stock market, as well as building websites, building mobile apps, freelancing work, YouTube work, etc.

If you want to know About Us than Call on this No 8392091411

Bapi Sasmal

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