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What Is Demat Account – Its Charges – Best 5 Stock Broker Company


Hello friends, today we will discuss What Is Demat Account – A/C Opening Charges – Best 5 Stock Broker Company. You must have heard about the Demat account or trading account before.

A few days ago I said what things are needed to work in the stock market.

1st point Is the Demat and trading account.

Content Table 

  • What is Demat Account?
  • Uses of Demat & Trading Account
  • Difference between Demat & Trading Account?
  • who to opens a Demat account?
  • what are the important things to keep in mind when opening a Demat account?
  • What Documents are required to open a Demat and trading account?
  • Top 5 Broker companies are opening best Demat account in India 2021
  • Which Trading Account Is Best
  • How to open a Demat account?
  • My Words


What is a Demat Account?

I will attempt to disclose to you in straightforward language.

At the point when you purchase an offer today and sell it inside a day,  you complete the exchange in one day. At that point that exchange is in the exchanging account.

What’s more, on the off chance that you purchase an offer today and don’t sell it today, that specific offer is moved from the exchanging record to the Demat account. That is when holding an offer for a day or more. At that point that specific offer is credited to our Demat account.

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Why Demat and Trading Account need for Investing?

Presently shrewd people groups need to put cash in the securities exchange or shared assets and IPOs to build abundance. Also, for Investing or Trading, Demat and exchanging account should require. A Demat account is somewhat similar to a ledger.

You need to open a Demat record to purchase portions of any organization. You can’t accept portions of any organization straightforwardly. What stocks would you say you are purchasing, at what cost, when you purchased, what amount are your benefit or what amount is your misfortune? All data will be in this record.

At the point when individuals exchanged offers a couple of years prior, all records were on actual paper.

This was particularly hard for the individuals who exchanged every day, and for the individuals who had long-haul shares.

These days digitization has occurred, where every one of the records are being done on the web and you can check all your exchange letters, which shares you have, how much cash you have in your record in only a couple of seconds through your versatile.

To purchase shares you need to open a Demat and exchanging account.

Particularly the individuals who are working together or working, there are numerous who have protection, they are storing a portion of the cash they are acquiring toward the month’s end in the ledger, they do RD or fixed store.

(On this video I explained What Is Demat Account, how it works etc, check it now)

There are various approaches to put something aside for the future and it is vital in light of the fact that you can utilize this set-aside cash at whatever point you need a lot of cash at any second.

This record will be connected to your Bank Account.  After the record opens, you have added cash to the exchanging account through UPI or Net Banking. At whatever point you need to share purchase Money is deducted from your exchanging account. Furthermore, you can do every one of the exchanges in that exchanging record and move cash from that exchanging record to your financial balance at whatever point you need.

A Demat account gives a carefully secure and obliging strategy for holding offers and affirmations. It disposes of robbery, twisting, difficulty, and underhandedness of genuine backings. With a Demat account, you can move protections right away. Exactly when the exchange is demanded, the offers are carefully moved to your record. Moreover, if limits like stock prizes, unions, and so forth, you get shares ordinarily into your record.

Your Demat account data in regards to these exercises is accessible online by essentially checking it on the page. You can exchange a surge utilizing your PDA or work an area. In this manner, you needn’t visit the stock trade to execute. You additionally like the potential gain of diminished exchange costs considering the path that there is no stamp responsibility attracted with the exchanging of offers. These highlights and focal points of a Demat account maintain a more noteworthy exchange volume by financial topic specialists, in this way becoming the potential for compensating returns.


Now The Question Is Who Is Opening A Demat Account?

There are about 200+ Stock Broker companies are available in India that open such Demat accounts. In a word, these companies are called brokers. All broker companies open both account, demat & trading account.

Nowadays when opening a bank account you have to keep a minimum of one thousand rupees, of course, if it is a private bank there you have to maintain a minimum balance of 5 to 10 thousand.

However, even if you do not keep money in a Demat account, you can deposit and withdraw whenever you want.

 Different broker companies charge a certain fee for opening an account.

It can cost from Rs 300 to Rs 500 to open as Demat Account charges, but if there is an offer, the account can be opened for free. Free Demat & trading account.
The 2type of broker company in India.

  • Full-Service Broker
  • Discount Broker

Difference Between Full-Service Broker & Discount Broker

Discount Broker

Full-Service Broker


Provide Low Brokerage Facility

Brokerage High


Online Account Opening Process

Offline Account Opening Process


Advisory Services Not Available

Advisory Services Available


Delivery Brokerage Almost Free

Delivery Brokerage Not Free


Free Account Opening Charges

Account Opening Is  Chargeable


High Configured Technical Facility
Example- Upstox, Zerodha

Low Configured Software

Example- Ventura, Profitmart


Which Trading Account Is Best?
 I am associated with two brokerage firms in India, in which I work as a representative.

Some representatives of other broker companies are just opening Demat accounts, how the stock market works, how to buy and sell shares, how to use Demat account, they do not give any such training. They open Demat accounts by showing you different kinds of greed.

That is why many people trade and make losses in the stock market without any experience, and they think the stock market is a gamble.


Now The Question Is What Are The Important Things To Keep In Mind When Opening A Demat Account?

As I told you Demat account STOCKBROKER COMPANIES are open.

  • And there are broker companies in the market who will try to open an account by showing you greed in various ways, after opening the account they will continue to deduct various types of hiding charges.
  • Customer care service will not get better.
  • Automatic shares will disappear from your Demat account.
  • This means that various problems can arise if you open an account through a bad broker. Therefore, in this case, I would say that before opening an account, you should know the details about that particular broker company.

I have discussed in detail in the link given below, it is very important to know some things before opening a Demat account.

Read More……


Top 5 Broker companies are opening best Demat account in India 2021




What Documents Are Required To Open A Demat And Trading Account?

Self Photo Scan Copy
Signature Scan Copy
Email Id & Mobile No
Aadhaar Card Scan Copy
Pan Card Scan Copy
Last 6 Months Bank Statement.

*** Mobile No must be Linked with Aadhar.

These documents are required to open a Demat account.


How to Open a Demat Account?

Today, most brokerage firms open online Demat accounts. So the Demat account opening process is very easy, just click on the below link & fill-up Online. Within 24 hours you will receive Demat Account Login details through mail & SMS.

You can open a Demat account on UPSTOX through me if you want; once the account is opened you will get various benefits that other companies may not give you.

I have been associated with this company for over five years, and although you compare it with other broker companies, you will see that UPSTOX has taken first place in India.




Benefits of Demat Account Opening to Us


Read More……

You can find out the benefits of opening an account at UPSTOX by clicking on the link below.

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Last Word

I hope you like my article What Is Demat Account – A/C Opening Charges – Best 5 Stock Broker Company. your knowledge has increased a lot. If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.



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