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The Right Time To Invest In Stock Market


Hello friends, today we will discuss The Right Time To Invest In Stock Market.

I will discuss in detail what kind of shares to buy when to buy shares, how to set the target and stop-loss, the minimum amount of money that needs to be invested.

In fact, if I talk about my investment period, I don’t need any special investment period. In fact, my method is to buy shares at a lower price and sell shares at a higher price.

But I will not just talk about me, also how big investors invest in the stock market.

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The 1st question is what kind of shares to choose.

It depends on lots of factors.

Your investment amount. How risky you are with the stock market, Depends on these factors. You are investing for the long term, you are investing for the short term.

We have discussed the types of equity shares in another article. But I will tell you Shortly.

The shares can be divided into three parts depending on the company property.


Small-cap means that all the companies have assets of Rs 1 billion or Rs 100 crore.

Companies with assets between 2  billion and 10 billion are called midcaps.

Companies with assets of more than 10 buildings are called large caps.

Such as HDFC Bank, Titan TCS, ITC.


If you want to trade stocks for a short period of time, then all the serials that fall between Nifty 50. & F &O Stocks. It’s better to trade.

Able to give you good profit in one to three months. This type of investment is called positional trading.

If you want to buy shares for a long period of three years or five years or more then you need to buy shares of Midcap & Small cap.

These stocks can multiply your investment in a short period of time.

The share price of such RAIN INDUSTRIES reached 80 to 480 within a year. GRAPHITE 120 rupees shares reached 1500 in one year.


But let me tell you, if you want to buy midcap & small-cap shares, you have to do fundamental analysis. If you invest in such stocks without fundamental analysis, you will face huge losses. Therefore, fundamental analysis is very important.


If you want to keep your money safe, then you can’t give up any stock other than Nifty 50 & FNO STOCK(Large Cap Stocks). In all these shares you will get less amount of profit but your money is 95% safe.


Nothing happens in a 100 percent stock market. 

investing .com india

See when the appropriate time to buy shares depends on different circumstances.

I will try to explain it to you as easily as possible.

Now the question may come to your mind, will I always be waiting for the bad or good news to come in the stock market, will I be waiting for something bad to happen?

Not only that, you get the opportunity every day. Good Shares never grow suddenly  & continuously. It fluctuates in a certain rhythm, like a wave of water. And at every step, you will have the opportunity to trade shares.

If you want to know the details, you have to read the theory of Support & resistance.

Find out by clicking –Support & resistance.

Of course, you need to take the help of technical analysis.


In addition, I have discussed which sector shares will benefit you at any time.

For example, during the presentation of the budget, the shares of all the companies that the government discusses at the forefront tend to increase at that time.

LIC and all the banking sectors were booming when the budget was presented in 2021. Shares of electronics companies such as Voltas, Escort, etc. continue to rise in the summer.


Session & sector wise You have to choose a share.

Read on for details- Session & sector-wise.


If you know technical analysis then you don’t have to wait for time. Regardless of the market, you can choose the best stock with the help of technical analysis. Technical Analysis there are 25 to 25 different strategies. I have written a detailed article about each strategy separately.

I have given the link to those articles below.



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My Words

I hope you like my article The Right Time To Invest In Stock Market. and your knowledge has increased a lot I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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