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LIC IPO Date, Update, Valuation, Live News on Budget 2021


Hello friends today we will talk about LIC IPO Date, Update, Valuation, Live News

LIC IPO has made a major announcement within the budget today. Our finance minister is  Nirmala Sundaram whom and if LIC IPO will come to this year, friends, the stock is going to benefit the most, the stock has seen a rise above about 9%

Today, this LIC Housing Finance share price witnessed a terrible rise of about nine and a half to 10 percent. Friends made a very good jump and what is the reason behind it.


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How do I apply for the LIC IPO?
How can I get LIC IPO?
What will be the LIC IPO price?
Is LIC going for IPO?
Is LIC listed in the stock market?
How is IPO allotment done?

Why this stock is so fast, I will also explain it when the budget was being presented, these news channels at the same time said friends, see the budget in front of you, then the resurrected LIC IPO out in the financial year is an autonomous financial year Twenty Two Finance Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, then you are now many people who start thinking that this IPO will come to an end in 2022, it is not so financial. It is the difference between Twenty-two Financial or Twenty-two and Calendar.


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One’s more financial revival will end on 31st March and will start from First April to Financial Year Twenty LIC’s IPO can be launched above the market anytime after 10 April and with it BPCL and whatever company. So friends, now the thing is that LIC Housing Finance acts more benefit in LIC IPO. The first thing is that LIC Club which will be a very big IPO valuation in today’s date is almost an IPO of about 80 to 90 thousand crores. If the IPO of six-seven thousand crores comes here, then very big user friends but LIC IPO friends will break all records. It will be India’s largest IPO to date. Around 80-90 thousand crores or IPOs are going to happen and In such a big IPO, there will be 200 many categories such as Common Retail, shareholder category.



Fundamental Analysis of LIC IPO

In a shareholder category, why should we get the most benefit from this housing LIC housing finance? LIC Housing Finance is listed on NSE and BSE

. LIC Housing Finance, is the only company, so if the shareholder has a cut quota in the LIC IPO, friends, this IPO will be difficult to hold a share, you can see in today’s date, you can jump on today’s date at around nine and a half percent. And tell you the truth, now you also had a chance to buy today, it was not faster than equity starting, today the start was below 400. If I can talk about the long term A year ago, you found this stock, but it was around four and a half. because of the shutdown due to the Coronavirus, the shares fell badly, then recovered up to 450 price.


Universe if its valuation is spoken by magic, midcap companies see market capital around 21 thousand crores PE ratio 7.91, still undervalued, this sector is set for bills in the particular job sector. LIC Housing Finance’s PE Ratio is under ten, below them, then these very good companies will come LIC IPO of long term bullish short term value, then in this year, then those who are short term investors will also benefit who are long term. Investors will definitely benefit from them.


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Technical Analysis of LIC IPO

Let us do a little technical analysis. Whose base will be formed and what is its support and what will be the future target. First of all, the answer to this is RSI Level is 61, which’s highly bullish. Last few times, you can see for almost a month, LIC has been making such a huge decline till its fans have gone wide and shares have got strong support or pay support on the label below around 370 rupees. Current rate 447/-  If you got LIC Housing Finance shares around Rs 400-420 because there you got strong support, if you get LIC Housing Finance at this level, then you start shopping here by doing small, do not wait and start shopping. If I talk about the target on him, friends, it will be long because anyhow LIC IPO if launch, then it is a difficult place to get hold of LIC Housing.

So start the investment bit by bit and this is the chance of coming to LIC IPO. Don’t miss this chance to make money in LIC Housing Finance. Leaving a small investment in it, start the investment if I talk about the resistance, near 450 level.  So friends, if it crossed all these 450 level crosses, then it would be easy to reach 500-550.

People will go to the fetters, and the next if any announcement of LIC’s IPO was done within six months. After IPO Listing this share will catch you in the most difficult place, around 700 -800.

And then you will tell me that maybe I would have had this share at this time. I would have been almost in double profit now. Ok, then you will regret it Let us check that in today’s business and LIC Housing Finance, that too.


LIC IPO launching date, price, etc are not decided. So wait for the next update.

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I hope you like my article LIC IPO Date, Update, Valuation, Live News on Budget 2021, and your knowledge has increased it a lot I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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