Cyber Crime Helpline Number
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Cyber Crime Helpline Number of All States | Crime Investigation


Today we will discuss “Cyber Crime Helpline Number of All States | Crime Investigation”

Cybercrime is on the rise these days. And it has become difficult to catch those who are committing online crimes.

25 to 30 percent return on how much money is stolen through cybercrime.

And that’s why cybercrime is so dangerous.

So today we will know who is doing cybercrime, how they are doing it, how to report cybercrime. Cyber Crime Prevention.

Cyber ​​Crime means Online related Crimes.

Types of Cyber ​​Crime

  • The hacker will first message you via email, mobile SMS, or WhatsApp, and that message will contain any enticing information and text.

Most people click on this link after this tempting information. In this case, the hacker sends the virus through that link. Clicking on this link via mobile or computer will bring the virus to your computer. Then they can hack all the important information on your computer like email id password banking password everything on your computer.


  • Hackers hack your important information without your knowledge, such as your mobile number, email ID, PAN card number, debit card number.
  • Vishing is an attempt where fraudsters try to seek personal information like Customer ID, Net Banking password, ATM PIN, OTP, Card expiry date, CVV, etc.


  • Child sexually abusive material (CSAM)
  • Some frauds create an online relationship on the social media platform to boys or girls, after trust, they ask for your banking information.


  • Selling online Illegal Products such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or other illegal drugs using electronic means.


  • Ransomware is a type of computer malware that encrypts the files, storage media on communication devices like desktops, Laptops, Mobile phones, etc. holding data/information hostage. The victim is asked to pay the demanded ransom to get his device decrypts.
  • Viral photos or videos on social media without the permission of a boy or girl is considered a cybercrime.

Everything falls into cybercrime. So cyber crime investigation must need.


How to File a Complaint Cyber Crime?

Nowadays more money is being stolen through phone calls.

This way if your money is stolen online and you are given any important information. In that case, you can file a complaint against them. Cyber Crime India.

But before that, I would like to tell you that the Government of India has a specific website –

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.


Where you can submit your complaint online. You can complain about why you don’t live in that state. Government’s Cyber Crime Investigation system & Cyber Crime Investigator Both are working Individually

But keep in mind that this site only accepts cybercrime complaints.

Suppose many people’s money passes have been stolen or motorcycles or have been stolen. Harassment, murder, etc. all of these local complaints, so apply these complaints near your police station.

You can never apply these types of local complaints on this Site. So You must have experience in how you can make a complaint.


The name of the site is National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Visit On this site, Click on Report Other Cyber Crime. Before complaint, You have to register here.

Fill User name, Personal Details & Address & update.

2nd Step:-  Click File a Complaint – I Accept  & login (Your created login ID Pass)
There you will see 4 different Pages or forms. Fill all boxes correctly.

Below I have shared a video Link, that helps you to fill up forms.

After Submission, you have to receive Reference No or tracking No. Save this No. Then you can check your complaint any time.
Again Login, there you can get – Check Status Option.

So that is the process to complain about any cybercrime.

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

How To Prevent Cyber Crime

  • Don’t Share or upload your Pan & Aadhaar No unknown portal (online)
  • Don’t click on unknown SMS & Email’s Links, it’s highly dangerous.


  • Hacker will call you as a customer care person of Paytm, phone pe & Banks, there you saved money. Remember genuine department never ask OTP, Debit card No CVV, etc. All are private Information. So don’t share all of this with anybody.


  • Sometimes people search Bank’s customer care No from google, but they don’t know lots of fraud’s No rank on google 1st page & we easily believe this No & contact them. Don’t Do that. Go to banks & companies official Website & contact them.


  • Monthly or weekly try to update or change Net banking login Password & ATM pin.


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  • Sometimes people search on Google Adult content & videos, images. But when you open these sites, lots of ads will show, which is not a basic ad. The virus is hiding in them. So stay away from all of this.


  • If you are getting a phone or using Google Pay, then the key to all transactions is the PIN number. When you are transferring money to a person’s UPI ID or bank account through Phone Pay, you need to provide a PIN number. But when you are taking money from someone but you do not have to give any kind of PIN number.

But some fraudsters fool people by giving them a link on the phone, clicking on that link, and asking them to give their PIN number, and as soon as they give the PIN number, money will be credited to your account.

You never make a mistake, you don’t have to give any PIN number to enter the money.

Cyber Crime Helpline Number
Cyber Crime


  • Never write your PIN number on the Debit/Credit’s backside or front side, many people write the PIN number of the ATM next to their money pass or on their mobile, don’t do this. 
  • OTP is required for other transactions except for Phone Pe. Before giving OTP, you will see which bank OTP is coming from or which company. Read this OTP SMS and share OTP.


  • The next is any desk. Never give Any desk to a stranger, computer or mobile. They can steal private information on your mobile or computer through any desk.


For solutions to cybercrime, you have to follow these rules.


Cyber Crime Helpline Number

There are 28 states in our country, each with a cybercrime official website & Contact Details

Below I have shared with you the mobile numbers of each state police.

28 States Cyber Crime Helpline Number

Sl.No. States Website Contact No
1 Andhra Pradesh Click Here
2 Arunachal Pradesh Click Here
3 Assam Click Here
4 Bihar Click Here
5 Chhattisgarh Click Here
6 Goa Click Here
7 Gujarat Click Here
8 Haryana Click Here
9 Himachal Pradesh Click Here
10 Mizoram Click Here
11 Jharkhand Click Here
12 Karnataka Click Here
13 Kerala Click Here
14 Madhya Pradesh Click Here
15 Maharashtra Click Here
16 Manipur Click Here
17 Meghalaya Click Here
18 Nagaland Click Here
19 Odisha Click Here
20 Punjab Click Here
21 Rajasthan Click Here
22 Sikkim Click Here
23 Tamil Nadu Click Here
24 Tripura Click Here
25 Telangana Click Here
26 Uttar Pradesh Click Here
27 Uttarakhand Click Here
28 West Bengal Click Here



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Last Word

I hope you like my article “Cyber Crime Helpline Number of All States | Crime Investigation” your knowledge has increased a lot.
If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.



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