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How To Sell My Movie Script In Bollywood ? |Selling Movie Script Ideas


Hello friends, today we will discuss How To Sell My Movie Script In Bollywood through movie  directors.

Nowadays you can watch different types of videos on different platforms in different languages. And each video is made up of a story It is not possible to make a film without a story.

And when we want to tell a story to the film director and the actor, we need a script for that story.
Nowadays there are many people who are writing scripts, moreover there are many people who have done and are doing courses on script writing.

An actor or film director is always waiting for a good story or script. In that case if you share your script with them and if they like it. Then you can get very big kind of money.

There are many script writers who spend millions of dollars on a single script. Now the question is if you are a scriptwriter, how can you sell your own script or story.


Direct Meet with Film Director

As I said before, the director, one and the producer are waiting for a good script.

So somehow you have to deliver your script to them.

The problem now is that movie scripts come to good directors every day.
It is not possible for one person to read so many scripts.

Moreover, most of the film directors take over the script writers from the very beginning. And some of those specific script writers work on scripts.

As a result those new scriptwriters don’t get the chance.


How Can You Contact The Film Director?

If you are a resident of West Bengal, you will know that films are shot in alleys in the city of Kolkata, especially in certain film cities, where artificial palaces, gardens, etc. have been set up for filming.

Here every day different different movies are shot as per schedule.

Not only in Bengal but in every city of Bombay you will find this kind of film city.

So in all these places you will always find film directors, actors and people involved in cinema.

You need to communicate with them.

However, no one will be able to roam in Film City. Of course if you can make a film guild card, no problem. You will get this card from Tollygunge Film Associate.


Another Method Is Contact With Assistant Directors

Each film director has two assistant directors, I myself have worked with Sushant Pal Chowdhury, the film director of Bengali cinema, as an assistant director for 1 year.

If you can talk to them, you can easily hand over your script to the film director.]

Another Method is Work With New Comers

 many institutes where film director, acting, film editing and other jobs are taught. You can contact all the students who have graduated from those institutes.

In this case you are also new and all those students are also new.

The most important thing is that everyone has to work together, one to two directors from among the new students, some new film artists who are willing to act, video editors.

And your script. Make a short film together, nothing will happen in a short film.
You need to make at least eight to ten short films. Duration should be between 7 to 10 minutes.

Making a short film can cost as much as 10 thousand rupees. Allows you to complete the shooting of a short film in two to three days.


However, if you want to show these films in cinemas, you need permission from the censor board, and other licenses. You can do this if you have circles.

Another way is to upload videos to YouTube. In this case, you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube, you can come to the attention of various film directors.

We all know singer Arijit Singh. The pride of our Bengal. He also went to Bombay and looked for opportunities to sing but did not get it. So he used this method, opened a studio with some new singers and instructors, and tried to showcase his talent through that studio.

So if you want to do film line you have to work with different people in different places, and once you get the chance, all your dreams will come true.

But the most important thing is that before contacting any director, you need to see how interesting your script is.

If the director rejects your script, you won’t get a second chance.

There are several ways in which you can use your script.


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Last Word

I hope you like my article “How To Sell My Movie Script In Bollywood | Selling Movie Script Ideas” your knowledge has increased a lot. If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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