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Confirmtkt App | How to Book Tatkal Ticket From IRCTC

Hello friends, today we will discuss the modern method of booking train tickets. Using Confirmtkt App | How to Book Tatkal Ticket From IRCTC

There are many booking apps in the market but today we will talk about an app that has got permission from IRCTC.

Apps Name Confirmtkt. Totally Legal App

This application allows anyone to book a train ticket for another in two minutes. Brokers or ticket agents charge from Rs 300 to Rs 1,000 for a single ticket booking.

In that case, you can use this app, it will save a lot of money.

In addition, there are many benefits of the app which I will discuss in detail with you below.

So stay tuned with us.

Download Confirmtkt App

As I told you before Confirmtkt is an app, you need to download the app from the Play Store.

Go to the Play Store and search for Confirmtkt App & And install.

After installing, Confirmtkt Login. Then you choose the language that suits you.

Install Confirmtkt App(Apk)

Confirmtkt App
Confirmtkt App

2nd Step – Login
Then a login page will appear. Login,

Then there you will be asked for your mobile number. Give your mobile number and register with OTP.
At the very top of the app, you will find the Destination option.

It will be up to you wherever you go.
Suppose you want to go from Kolkata to Chennai tomorrow.


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3rd Step – Search Destination

In that case, go to the search bar above and search with the station code, and Select the date of the journey. Select source and destination stations. You will see the list of all the trains of that day will come out.

Below the Confirmtkt Train list, you will find many filters.

Quota has many options General, Tatkal, Ladies, Senior Citizen, Premium Tatkal
You will get these options.

Then Select Class – 1AC/2nd AC/3rd AC/Sleeper

Confirmtkt App

Add Filters

If you want to buy a reservation ticket, you have to select General.
On the right side of each train, you will find the option of Check 6 days available.

The list of all trains will arrive on that particular day.

Here you can find out about the train seat situation for the next six days. And at the same time,

  • You will see the price of all the train tickets.
  • There you will find all the train timetables.
  • When will a train leave?
  • How long will it take to reach your destination?
  • There are empty seats in the trains and how many seats are on the waiting list.
  • Get the station schedule.
Confirmtkt App Train search
Confirmtkt App

That means you will get all the information through this app.

Book Ticked through Confirmtkt App

You can then book the train at your convenience.
IRCTC will ask for your ID password even after the train is selected.
You have to log in. (IRCTC Login)

Read How to Register for IRCTC ID

After logging in, the Passenger Details page will open. The name of the person who will travel by train, age, gender, etc fillup.

If more than one person is going, you can increase the passenger list by clicking the Add passenger button.
The berth preference should be taken in select as your choice. (Upper/Lower/Middle/side)

Then Fill in the Email ID & mobile number.

The next page will come to your address. You must fill in the address.

Then you will get two options of free cancellation.

Confirmtkt App

If you cancel the ticket, you will get a full refund. Confirmtkt Funding your full balance. For this, you have to pay extra Rs 48 per passenger. Sometimes when a person has a problem, he is forced to cancel the ticket, in which case your cancellation charge is much higher.

In that case, it can be very beneficial for you to take this service. The rest of you may not take this service if you want.

Next to Step Travel Insurance.

You can take travel insurance if you want, but not again.


Payment Gateway

In the end, you will get the Proceed to Payment option, click on Proceed to payment

The payment page will open here.
Before you make a payment, you will need to review the full ticket journey details, date, quota, and passenger details.

Otherwise, you will face big problems.

Now you will get many options to pay here.

UPI, NetBanking Debit card, Walllet.

All you have to do is choose the payment gateway and pay the ticket price.

You will receive Confirmtkt PNR once the payment is successful & can share PNR on WhatsApp or take screenshots if you want.


Check Confirmtkt PNR Status

Rules of Confirmtkt App

  • This app only For Personal Use, Not for commercial
  • Use only Own IRCTC id
  • Regular Update Confirmtkt App or better service


Some Important Articles

Last Word

I hope you like my article “Confirmtkt App | How to Book Tatkal Ticket From IRCTC” your knowledge has increased a lot. If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible


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