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Best Site For Indian Stock Market

Hello friends, today we will talk about the Best Site For Indian Stock Market. These websites are famous and popular which we get detailed information about the stock market.

  All these websites help us a lot in our analysis and provide the necessary information about the stock market companies.

  So today we will discuss the website and its effectiveness.

Now the question is where to get the information.

There are many websites today that provide detailed information about the stock market.

Everything from technical analysis to fundamental analysis can be found on the website.

And I tell you, watch the news on the website without watching the TV news of the stock market.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.


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Best Site For Indian Stock Market
Top 5 YouTube channel
My Opinion

1st Website is-

Nseindia is the official site of the India Stock Market.

The public Stock Exchange is a substantial position site for audit and dismembering the money-related trade. As to volume, NSE is the fourth driving exchange in Asia.

Along these lines, the information open on the site is trustworthy, genuine, and excellent. NSE India site is invaluable for the specific and fundamental assessment of the stock.

Honestly, the webpage makes open normal web diaries and treats them in different various measures through which supporters can manufacture their understanding.

For noticing the offer market, the NSE Mobile Trading application is a fundamental and massively helpful stage.

Some Important links of Nseindia

Chart ink is very useful for Technical Analysis.

More than 7000++ Companies are available on the stock market. Is not possible to search every stock for trading.

Chart ink is one type of scanner or filter.

Through this scanner, we found a particular type of stock within 2 min.

Most traders are using different types of strategies; in this case, Chart ink is very useful.

 Just add parameters & scan.

Paid & free versions are available, Paid version will work on the live market & the free version working 5 min delay.

I have briefly explained how to use Chart ink on this Article. Read here…………….

Below I have updated some popular pre-ready scanner Strategies wise, just click & check it now.

Overbought & Oversold Stocks

 Open High Low Stocks

 Near 200 EMA Stocks

 Near 45 Degree Angel Stocks

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One of the most popular websites is Topstockresearch.

Topstockresearch is very useful for Technical Analysis.

Unlimited technical data are available on this site, that’s why new traders cannot use it easily. I have briefly explained how to use Topstockresearch in another Article. Read here…………….

Below I have updated some popular pre-ready scanner Strategies wise, just click & check it now.

Over Sold Stock-


Over Bought Stock-


Near 200 EMA as a Support-


Near 200 EMA as a Resistance-


Last 6 Months down trend Stocks


Learn details – Intraday Trading Tips

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Bullish and Bearish Candlestick Chart pattern for Indian Stocks


Bullish MACD Divergence


High Beta Indian Stocks – Long Term

Low Beta Indian Stocks – Long Term


Daily/Weekly/Monthly Patterns Screener of Double Top, Triangle, Head & Shoulder, the Trend line


Unlimited data are available on these sites.

So check every link with patients, top stock research is very helpful for you.


Read this Article

how to use Topstockresearch

One of the Informative sites is money control. For Fundamental analysis, money control is very useful.

You can get live Stock market news updates, results, technical & fundamental Analysis reports, etc.

Even International Stock Market News is updating here.

Below I have updated some important links fundamental Analysis related to money control.










SIP Calculators


F&O Market Snapshot is an International website. Global Stock market’s update you can get from this site.

You can get here High-Quality live Technical Charts, totally free of cost. Multifunction with Indicators everything is available. Even Paid sites are not providing High-Quality Technical Charts.

Real-Time Charts

Live Charts

Forex Chart

Futures Chart

Stocks Chart

Indices Chart

Cryptocurrency Chart

Multiple Forex Charts

Multiple Indices Charts


Financial News



Stock Markets

Economic Indicators






ICO Calendar

Cryptocurrency Brokers





Lit coin

The trading view is one of the popular screener websites.

It’s to lightweight site very easy to use. Every page, content, data everything is a need & clean.

Yet the paid & free version is available. Most websites purchase white-label Trading view screeners.

Equity, commodity, forex market, crypto-currency. A separate Screener is available.


 Nitin Bhatia

Nitin Bhatia is one of the Famous Youtuber of the Stock Market & his popular website is
And also I am a subscriber of his channel. If you want to deep research on the stock market, Option chain analysis, fundamental analysis, technical analysis. Then he is the best Guide Person. 

Top 5 YouTube channel

Share Market ka Top Youtube Channel List – 2020


I hope you like my article Best Site For Indian Stock Market has increased your knowledge a lot.

If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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